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GrApril and Stacey Polaroideyhounds have been a part of my life for about 20 years now and I’ve found that they are like no other breed.
My first greyhound was called April, my brindle girl who unfortunately passed away just before Christmas 2016 at the great age of 14 and we miss her so much.

” Greyhounds are like chocolate biscuits…..you can’t have just one”

Although I already had a greyhound, in 2009 I adopted another one, a beautiful black girl called Hazel.
She suffered a lot with corns. These were huge and were unlike anything seen before, they actually grew out of her pads, these had to be trimmed on a regular basis to make it more comfortable for her to walk, especially on hard surfaces.
The problem was solved with some boots, Worth their weight in gold, they helped a lot,  she could now walk anywhere.

Hazel settled into our family unit well but always looked to April for comfort and reassurance, they became inseparable.

Unfortunately on Easter Sunday in 2015 at the age of 14 she passed away. The loss not only affected our family but also had a profound effect on April, she mourned for her companion every day, She went off her food, did not want to go for walks and spent most days crying and looking around for her. She did not cope well at all.
After three months we decided that we should adopt another greyhound and that’s when Stacey joined our family.
April was so excited she was a changed girl and now had another companion to boss about.

Stacey, now 10 years old and is slightly OCD so she has to do things in a certain way otherwise she can’t settle for the rest of day, for example she has to patrol the garden at every opportunity and spend at least five minutes looking out of the gate! Her recent pastime is staring at herself in the mirror, whether she recognises herself or thinks it’s another greyhound, I don’t know.
Her manners have improved over the time we have had her and she has certainly turned out to be a real character with her little qwerks.
We would not change her for the world…….Love her to bits.

Why Greyhounds?

Despite popular misconceptions greyhounds are gentle and adaptable making them ideal family pets. Lazy couch potatoes needing only two twenty minute walks a day. When homed responsibly they can live with other pets.
Totally addictive once you have owned a greyhound you will never be without one and I have found that once you become a greyhound owner you suddenly become part of the “greyhound club” and when you are out walking people stop you in the street and want to make a fuss of your dog and ask you all sorts of questions about them.
Your diary also starts to fill up with dates for greyhound walks, dog shows and events and before you know where you are everything is greyhound related.

Greyhound Gifts

I have found over the years that there is only a very limited variety of greyhound themed gifts available in the UK and this prompted me to start my hobby making my own greyhound themed gifts and trying to source more interesting items.

Please take a look in the Shop and remember there is free delivery on all my items.

If you have any questions or queries please email me  lindsay@pawsawhile.co.uk

Hazel portrait